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Solution to awkwardness at graveside

Respect Woodland Green Burials has launched lowering pads that offer a solution to the problems of burying cremated remains and small coffins.

“Lowering urns and ashes caskets – especially into 9ft and 10ft graves – can be, at best, awkward and undignified or, at worst, dangerous,” says founder and owner Gordon Tulley.

“A gravedigger – who is unlikely to be dressed appropriately – may have to jump in to receive the ashes from a funeral director who is struggling not to get mud all over his formal clothes.

“Also, lowering cords often slip off a child or baby’s coffin because they typically don’t have handles to thread the cords through, while round-ended caskets are the most difficult to lower.”

Respect’s new lowering system is aimed as an affordable solution to all of these situations, avoiding slippage of standard lowering straps, and reducing potential distress.  

The pads are bio-degradable, simple to use and promise to fit any shape ashes casket. They come with a set of extra long lowering cords.

Available in small packs of two different sizes – one for all size ashes/cremated remains caskets and urns, and the other for a child-sized coffin of up to 3ft 6” or for difficult shaped pet burials, the pads cradle the coffin, casket or urn, as it is lowered gently into the grave.

“You simply leave the pad in the ground and the family can take comfort in knowing that their little one is not laid onto bare earth,” says Gordon.

“They can even be involved in the final part of their little one’s journey by helping to lower with the cords.”

Respect owns two green burial parks and the company has vast experience of lowering ashes, coffins and caskets, even pet burials.

For more information, visit or call (01427) 612992

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