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Change in attitude to cremated remains

There has been a sea change in the way the British deal with the cremated remains of loved ones in the last four decades or so, as people opt for more personal methods.

A graphic in the Winter 2015 edition of Pharos, the magazine of The Cremation Society of Great Britain, shows that in 1970, 68.6% of cremated remains were disposed of by being strewn in crematorium grounds, with only 12.4% being removed from the crematorium.

By 2014 however, the proportions had completely reversed, with 72.8% of the cremated remains being taken away by the next of kin to be scattered elsewhere, or retained in an urn or keepsake.

Only 19.4% were strewn at the crematorium itself.

The proportions of cremated remains that were interred in the crematorium grounds also shifted over the 44-year period, with 14.6% being buried there in 1970, but only 6.1% in 2014.

In the earlier year, 3.1% were placed in niches at the crematorium but in 2014, this proportion had dwindled to only 0.2%.

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