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Transport list highlights funeral directors’ level of service

A Scooby Doo-themed van, an army tank and an airport fire engine have been among the out-of-the-ordinary requests for funeral transport, according to a survey conducted by Wilcox Limousines.

The study questioned 214 funeral directors and discovered that other specific requests included a milk float, the bucket of a JCB, a steamroller, the back of an articulated crane lorry and a Ford Capri painted to resemble the car in 1970s series the Dukes of Hazzard.

Tractors, motorcycle hearses and a wheelbarrowalso made the list, as well as Vintage Lorry Funerals’ flatbed lorry and Only Fools and Hearses’ Del Boy-style three-wheeler.

Paul Wilcox from Wilcox Limousines said there were a few eye-openers but that funeral directors were fantastic at taking it all in their stride: "There really are few professions where people will go to such lengths to accommodate customer requests,” he said.

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