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Floral tribute requests revealed

A model of horror film villain Freddy Krueger and a half-submerged crocodile have been among the top 10 strangest funeral flower arrangement requests, according to a survey of funeral directors.

Wilcox Limousines questioned 214 funeral directors to find out the oddest things they’d encountered in their work, and unearthed some unusual requests.

Clients had also asked for flowers in the form of Emmerdale Farm, a Romany caravan, a pint of Guinness, a Boeing 747, a snooker table, an oil rig, Blackpool Tower and a pacemaker.

Other designs included televisions, motorbikes, boxing gloves, boxing rings, cigarette packets and even a cannabis plant.

Meanwhile, one anecdote centred on an unfortunate misspelling of the person’s nickname – Winker.

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