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Funeral director plays Cupid

An Essex funeral director who played Cupid to two bereaved pensioners, never dreamed she’d be a witness at their wedding.

Lynn Love, who runs Co-operative Funeralcare in Wickford, and whose name proved particularly apt, organised the funeral of Isabell Lennon’s first husband in 2011 and the funeral of Tom Lennon’s first wife Alice, last year, and both widowed spouses continued to pop in to see her regularly.

"Isabelle is a lovely outgoing lady and she’d cared for her first husband, Bob, who had dementia, for several years before his death,” said Lynn. “I knew she was interested in a new relationship and had been on a few dates but she hadn’t found anyone special.”

Tom used to drop by and bring her eggs from his chickens, and she realised Tom and Isabell would get on – so she asked Isabell if it would be OK to pass on her number.

“She said ‘in for a penny’ and Tom phoned her about five minutes after I’d given him the number,” said Lynn.

“They went for a drink that night, a meal the next night and they’ve never looked back.”

That was back in January and in June the pair married, with Lynn as one of their witnesses. Their limousine was driven by one of the funeral home's drivers.

Tom, who’s 76, had never had a passport or flown in an aeroplane before meeting his new spouse, 70, but the two are making up for it now. And, after interest from local papers, the BBC and ITV’s Good Morning, they have sold their story to a magazine, for a fee that should get them another holiday.

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