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New casket will ‘revolutionise’ coffin market

A Nottinghamshire coffin company has designed and manufactured a product it believes will revolutionise the way the UK funeral Industry uses caskets.

And Teresa Clark, customer services manager of Steve Soult Ltd, describes the new Britannia range as “affordable, traditional English style caskets, with a unique modern manufacturing twist”.

The range also brings other benefits. Besides being pitched at an affordable price point so that it will be within reach for most clients, the casket is made entirely in the UK and can fit into a hearse and more importantly, it can also be cremated.

The casket has often been seen as a more ‘grand’ funeral statement than a coffin, when bereaved families want to give their loved one an impressive send-off. However, in recent years, with the number of overweight and bigger people increasing, caskets have been used more often, simply because of size.

This can create problems for funeral directors because as well as the increased weight of the body, the old style casket itself is both heavier and more difficult to manoeuvre. 

Also, until now, these American-style caskets have always been imported from the USA, and because they are often constructed using metal, cannot be cremated.  

Teresa says the Britannia range has erased all these difficulties: “We think we’ve covered all the bases," she said. "The  range combines top quality materials and dignified, beautiful design without breaking the bank for grieving families.” 

The new product has several options, such as a hinged one-piece lid, a split lid, and the added option of a personalised engraved lid insert, and is manufactured from man-made board with an oak or mahogany wood veneer, giving it a traditional look.

Alternatively, families can also choose virtually any finished colour, including two-tone, such as white and gold or silver and black. These can be finished in multiple coats of paint to the smoothest of finishes, or with a pearlescent finish. 

The caskets are designed to be able to be open at the funeral service or chapel of rest for viewings, and have a choice of various coloured quilted interiors. They are finished with simple coffin handles and are personalised with an engraved name, title or design down the side, or at the head or foot ends.

Despite this bespoke service, Steve, who has well over 40 years' experience in the coffin making industry, guarantees that each unique product can be dispatched within 48 hours. 

His company is the only coffin manufacturer in England to be a proud member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen and his existing coffin range already includes some pioneering models, all manufactured by Steve Soult Ltd in the U.K, such as Italian-style ‘Last supper’ coffins, the Artiste collection that can be personalised with engravings and European-style solid wood coffins in four finishes.

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