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Bamboo shrouds safe for cremation

Respect GB says tests have proved its unique bamboo shrouds are safe for cremation as well as burial. It also says forward-thinking crematorium managers are recommending them. 

The company announced the results at a presentation at this year’s Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) conference.

“The results showed the pure bamboo of the shroud was to an ideal material for cremation, as it was slow to ignite due to its tightly woven structure,” said founder Gordon Tulley.

“This was initially designed so that you could not see the deceased inside the shroud but it has clearly produced other benefits too. “

He added that the company had received a positive response from crematorium managers wanting to cut emissions and particulates from their crematoriums: “Several managers have since contacted Respect GB asking for more leaflets to mail out to their funeral directors in their regions,” he said. 

“They want to show that they are happy to accept shrouds. Indeed, some crematoriums and councils have recommended and confirmed on their websites that they accept shrouds. 

“Besides this, other crematoriums have requested posters and banners to display on open days, to encourage the public to consider the environment and think of using a shroud instead of a coffin.”

Gordon said lots of people feared the idea of a coffin and a significant number were now specifying the use of a Respect EveryBody bamboo shroud in their funeral plans. 

“Funeral directors can often be set in their ways and look for all sorts of reasons to resist change, like not wishing to alarm mourners with the sight of a shroud,” he explained. “Well, times are changing back to older traditions. Respect receives positive responses from families who choose shrouds, and from their congregation, and has not received a single genuine complaint. 

“If a funeral director is nervous about the idea, they could simply cover the bamboo shroud with a pall or indeed the deceased’s favourite throw or flag and return that to the family after the cremation or burial.”

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