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Now pets’ orthopaedic implants can be recycled

Dignity Pet Crematorium has become the first pet crematorium in the world to recycle orthopaedic implants from pets to help raise funds for charity.

The original scheme, set up to by the Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management (ICCM) and Dutch company OrthoMetals, involves collecting and recycling metals left after people had been cremated.

Many crematoria have joined and Dignity Pet Crematorium – which has no connection with Dignity Caring Funerals Plc – has shown that the scheme can be extended to pet crematoria.

“I am so proud that we are the first pet crematorium in the world to enrol in this very worthwhile scheme,” said Kevin Spurgeon (pictured above with some of the implants), who runs the crematorium with other family members. “It seems crazy that some human crematoria still throw away these valuable metals when they can be recycled to benefit charities.

“We have recovered metals like ball & socket joints and pins, plates and screws used by vets to help repair broken bones on all shapes and sizes of pets. So far we have had a very positive reaction from clients, who are pleased that their pet’s implant can benefit others.”

Veterinary medicine has improved dramatically in the last decade, leading to a sharp increase in the number of animals with orthopaedic implants. After individual cremation, orthopaedic and other metals are separated from the cremated remains and owners choose whether to have them returned with the ashes or have the metals recycled through the scheme. All the metal recovered is taken for recycling.   

One of the key principles of the scheme is to return a substantial part of the profit to charity.  Dignity nominated several small pet charities and OrthoMetals chose Home and Abroad Animal Welfare and Friends of the Strays of Greece as the scheme’s first beneficiaries.

Funeral directors who would like information on reputable pet cemeteries or crematoria either for themselves or clients can contact the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria’s (APPCC) national helpline on (01252) 844478, visit, speak to Kevin on (01252) 844572, or visit

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