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Musical memorials create lasting tribute

A film composer is offering a new service – the opportunity to immortalise someone’s memory through music.

Musical Memorials provides a way for someone to compose their own memorial to live on after their death, or for bereaved family and friends to create a memorial to a loved one.

The service is the brainchild of Dominic Crawford Collins, who has written music for numerous TV shows and films, including Ballykissangel and Metroland, and has worked with award-winning composer John Barry and Queen guitar virtuoso Brian May. It involves a discussion with Dominic about memories and musical styles and arrangements and he then creates the music, which can be recorded in a studio or live at a memorial service, by a soloist or with other musicians.

“Whether we want to be mourned with tears or remembered with laughter, none of us want to be forgotten,” says Dominic. “A musical memorial offers a unique legacy by expressing a life through music. It can be treasured and shared, giving comfort to those left behind.

“A piece of music can give their spirit a voice and can have a cathartic effect, soothing the pain of mourning. One only has to think of Elton John singing Candle in the Wind at the funeral of Princess Diana to see how effectively music can become an incarnation of someone’s memory.”

Music has been used to honour the dead throughout history, from formal Requiem Masses to songs written as special tributes. Dominic got the inspiration for his service when working with Irish philosopher and poet John O’Donohue.

He passed away during their collaboration and Dominic sent a piece of symphonic music to his family. The piece had itself been inspired by a story about a farmer seeking solace through the sound of skylarks on a mountain where his son had died.

John’s family were deeply moved by the music, which they played during his wake and Dominic then used it to create a 10-minute movie montage to accompany the music.

A preliminary discussion with the composer is free and a personal consultation will cost £250, plus travel expenses. The composition fee starts from £1500 for a five-minute solo work and recording, studio and musician fees will vary.

The music can become the soundtrack to a short film tribute of photographs or video footage. The resulting montage of music and imagery provides an enduring legacy that can be shared and treasured forever.

For more information, visit, e-mail or call (Ireland) 00353 86 300 4242 or England 0044 7766 647819.

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