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‘Why I chose the funeral profession at 17’

One visitor to the FSJ stand at NFE this year was Molly Dowling, 19, who is an apprentice  funeral director at Ewan Walder Funeral Services in East Sussex. We asked Molly to tell us a little about her journey into the profession.

“After leaving school, I went on to take a course in equestrian studies at a college in Kent. 

During the year I was there, I realised that becoming a funeral director was what I really wanted to do, after having several teachers at secondary school tell me that I would never make it for various reasons. This negativity made me want to pursue this career even more.

“I approached a local independent funeral home and was offered part-time work experience, alongside college.

“A few weeks into the work experience, I was called in and offered a full-time job within the company. I think by now you know the answer was most definitely a big yes! I’m coming up to two years in the industry and I look forward every day to supporting families and caring for their loved ones. 

“Initially, I was nervous about people’s perceptions surrounding my age, after the comments from school teachers. I was asked time and time again why this was my chosen career, and I am always more than happy to share my story. 

“I believe that being open and transparent with families and my local community has changed perceptions of the general public. 

“I’m also of the understanding that more women are entering the industry, which I personally think is a breath of fresh air. 

“I’m now 19 years old, aiming to progress onto the NAFD Funeral Directing Diploma within the next 18 months or so. My main goal is to support bereaved families when they need us most, offering guidance and compassion at any hour.” 

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