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IFSO to accept new applications from June 2022

IFSO Director of Regulation, John Withington, has confirmed to FSJ that the new regulator is preparing to accept applications from funeral director firms at the National Funeral Exhibition in June.  

Since its launch in January, IFSO has been focussed on managing the process of passporting firms into its new structure from the National Association of Funeral Directors, which has funded the set-up of the new regulator. But now IFSO sees the NFE as the right time for independent firms to be invited to sign up to be authorised and receive IFSO’s new quality mark. 

“It’s been a busy few months but we’re ready now to invite applications from firms outside of NAFD membership to join us to become quality assured by the new independent regulator,” said Mr Withington.

“The NFE will be a great opportunity for prospective new applicants to meet and talk to our inspectors and management team about the value that IFSO can add by working with businesses to support compliance with our strong, but proportionate, principles-based standards. 

“We’ve always intended to invite applications from outside of NAFD’s membership. IFSO was set up to be the independent regulator for the whole industry in response to the demand from CMA and Government for an independent system of regulation. That means coming away from the old system of in-house trade association assurance and moving towards a modern regulatory body, with an independent board and a new, risk-based, compliance management model which will work with businesses of all sizes to support high levels of quality assurance of services to customers.” 

Mr Withington confirmed that applications are invited from any funeral director firms who aren’t already qualified as members of NAFD.

“Whether you’ve previously been a member of any trade association or not, we’re ready to work with you to help you adopt and embed the Funeral Director Code, a new standard for funeral director best practice which was developed by a cross-industry project board.

“I look forward to meeting personally with new applicants at the exhibition when we launch our new authorisation process.”  

IFSO confirms that it will then be accepting new applications from that date onwards, and will have a portal on its website to support the ongoing process.  

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