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DWP work to reduce Funeral Expenses Payments' backlog

The Government are making progress in speeding up funeral expenses payments in England and Wales, SAIF reports.

SAIF Government Liaison Officer Paul Allcock this week took part in a stakeholder workshop with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to discuss work to streamline the processing of funeral expenses payments in England and Wales.

SAIF were informed that measures are starting to make a positive impact and the position continues to improve daily, already doubling the number of claims that can be processed per agent and clearance is exceeding intake. Additional easements are now also being considered that could further speed up processing.

Below are helpful links to information and advice that can be shared with bereaved families:  

    •    A new flyer that mirrors the steps outlined in the link above, Please note that the DWP is still in the process of printing paper versions.
    •    Funeral Expenses Payments, Budgeting Loans and Universal Credit Budgeting Advances are available for those claiming qualifying benefits.
    •    Bereavement Support Payments may also be used for funeral costs. These may be available for people under state pension age whose husband, wife or civil partner has died, depending on the National Insurance contributions made by the person who has died.
    •    The Children's Funeral Fund administered by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), also helps bereaved parents with the cost of burial or cremation, and makes a contribution towards the cost of a coffin.

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