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Celebrities chat in new podcast about death

Marie Curie has launched On the Marie Curie Couch, a podcast series where celebrities explore how they feel about their mortality and how bereavement has shaped their lives.

The series launched with Adam Buxton, Dustin Lance Black and Janet Ellis who candidly open-up about their personal experiences, and episodes with Alison Steadman, Owen Jones, Beverley Knight, Janice Long and Greg Wise were set to follow.

The thought-provoking podcast is hosted by Marie Curie bereavement specialist Jason Davidson. Through his years of working in palliative care he expertly creates a supportive environment for his guests to share their experiences and end-of-life plans.


Adam Buxton (left) and David Mitchell

In the first episode comedian, writer and actor Adam Buxton speaks openly about his father, Nigel, who died in 2015: “I had this idea that [during the last moments] he's going to be saying, 'You know, Adam, I always wanted to say, I was very proud of you when you did this, and I may not have ever told you’ [but] no, you don't get any of that. Instead, he zoned out, didn't really talk very much … and would come in and out of lucidity.

“There were little moments when he would make a connection. He grabbed my hand at one stage and kissed it. That was a nice moment, and unlike him.”

Janet Ellis, broadcaster, actress and novelist, reflects on the impact her husband’s cancer diagnosis has had, and the deaths of her parents: “Grief, I think, is like a cheese grater … it’s got lots of different sides and sometimes it’s the big sort, which is obvious to everybody, because it slices them too. Other times it’s small. It’s not often the predictable things.”

The On the Marie Curie Couch podcasts are available from ACast, iTunes and

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