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Ireland: mortician to open water cremation centre

A former mortician is planning to open the first Irish facility offering water cremations, reports The Cremation Society of Great Britain newsletter.

Elizabeth Oakes plans to open the revolutionary Aquamation Centre which will offer water-based cremation.

Elizabeth, 32, explained that “Aquamation is eco-friendly and uses 95% water mixed with 5% alkaline solution. The alkaline, when mixed with water naturally heats up and dissolves the body skin, tissue and muscle, leaving only the bones behind.

“The bones are then processed in a cremulator and people get 30% more of their loved ones back as the smaller bones tend to totally disintegrate in traditional flame cremation.”

Elizabeth is in discussions about a possible location for the Aquamation Crematorium along the Meath/Dublin border and hopes to be able to offer the service next year.

“Aquamation has 17 times less impact on the environment than flame cremation, but the costs don’t differ,” says Elizabeth, who has been nominated in the Ireland Young Entrepreneur awards.

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