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Books that help bereaved children

As a new wave of emotional wellbeing books for children hits the market, meet Clare Shaw, an author of therapeutic stories covering tricky subjects such as bereavement.

“All too often I find myself reading another article around child mental health and the ‘crisis’ we now find ourselves in. Reports that one in eight children in England have a mental health disorder. Yet, only a third receive the treatment they need. These figures make for upsetting reading. 

“My greatest fear is that every child has worries and emotions that they often can’t understand or control. These feelings could turn into something bigger and more troublesome as the child grows, but in the right way, at the right time, could so simply be relieved while still young. I wanted to find a way that could help and writing appears to be my way.”

Having lost her brother when she was just 11, leading to years of mental health problems, her titles Love Will Never Die: Helping children through bereavement and At Times I Get These Feelings: Helping children with emotions, are written from the heart by an author who understands exactly what it’s like. 

As Clare first started to research child bereavement for Love Will Never Die, she discovered that around 112 children are bereaved of a parent in the UK every day. It is a staggering figure! Even more so when you consider it does not include any other family members in the child’s life who may have died. 

With so many children experiencing death, Clare felt her own experience of grief at a young age could be put to good use. Clare was told that the majority of books written for children on the subject are metaphorical, often leading children to miss the point. Something was needed that addressed the subject directly but in a way children can understand. Clare has managed to do this with absolute perfection.

Two major UK child bereavement charities use this book with the families they support. As do schools and funeral directors around the country. 

All Clare’s books have pages of activities, and areas where the child can express themselves freely, making them truly personal journals that the child can keep forever. All the techniques used within the books came from school ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants), teachers and Educational Psychologists, and are tried and tested methods. 

Clare’s books are available by contacting Amy on or directly via her website. Clare Shaw Children’s Books are offering all FSJ readers a 30% discount. Just use the code Funeral at the checkout.


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