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Mermaid tribute created by Brum florist

This stunning lifesize floral tribute based on Disney’s Little Mermaid was handcrafted by a florist in Birmingham.

The amazing creation was brought to life by the team at Central England Co-op’s Florist, in Great Barr, using only one drawing of the famous character Ariel from the hit animated movie.

The florist behind the amazing creation, Simonne Holder, spoke about how the idea came about.

She said: “The Little Mermaid came about after a family came in after losing a loved one and requested a lifesize Ariel to honour their memory.

“I based the design off seeing one drawing. It took over an hour to carve out the shape and then more than five hours to create the finished piece with flowers.

“We pride ourselves on always trying to accommodate what people want – no matter what it is. We really enjoy what we do and love to be able to come up with something wonderful to help honour the life of a loved one.”

This is the latest in a string of unique floral tributes being requested by people ranging from a replica Peppa Pig to a Mickey Mouse-shaped wreath. This comes following a major rise in people wanting to honour loved ones in more creative ways.

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