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Rare bears to help us remember

Meet Mr Ted E. Bear, member of the Royal Bear Force, who takes centre stage in a very special Remembrance Day window display from Colourful Coffins.

For the first and only time, a limited edition of just 100 of the company’s traditional Memory Bears have been ‘dressed’ in miniature military uniforms to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

He comes complete with his very own poppy badge cap and demob papers, and he has even been decorated with an award of the Royal Daisy Foot for special duties as a honeyspotter.

Mary Tomes, managing director of Colourful Coffins, said: “The end of World War One was a very special and joyous occasion and we wanted to celebrate that by introducing Mr Ted E. Bear.

“This will be the first and last time he is ever dressed, our seamstresses have worked extremely hard to produce his tiny uniform and caps and we will be thrilled to see him at the centerpiece of what we know will be some amazing window displays by funeral directors.”

Each of the limited edition bears will be numbered up to 100, making them collectors’ pieces for the future, and they will be sent out to the first 100 confirmed orders. In order to ensure as many funeral directors as possible can enjoy meeting Mr Ted E. Bear, availability will be restricted to one per company.

Remaining window displays will still include a Memory Bear, but these will be without the commemorative uniform.

The window display pack is available in a ‘mix and match’ format and includes tall and regular ashes caskets, a scatter tube, a large candle, the Memory Bear and bunting. There are a choice of designs featuring falling poppies, a poppy flag and a victory flag. Matching voile backdrops are also available as an additional option.

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