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Funeral director in biker helmets campaign

Funeral director and motorcycle enthusiast Sam Massey is appealing for donations of old motorcycle helmets, to help train firefighters on how to safely remove a helmet following an accident.

Sam, from Raymond Massey and Son Funeral Directors, has already collected more than 20 motorcycle helmets for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

Sam said: “Being an avid biker and in the funeral profession, I’ve heard it’s very difficult to remove a motorcycle helmet safely following an accident, which if done incorrectly could result in a more serious injury or death.

“I have friends in the services and I was shocked to find out that, although they receive theoretical training, they rarely practice removing a motorcycle helmet because they do not have the resources.

“My hope is that by providing the fire service with old motorcycle helmets, those who are required to remove one will be able to do so safely and correctly after receiving hands-on training, helping to prevent further injury.”

Helmets are being donated from across Greater Manchester, people are dropping them in to Raymond Massey in Dukinfield, and two local businesses are also supporting the appeal.

“Motorcycle accessory shops usually offer money off a helmet if they trade in their old one, so rather than recycling them to scrap, J&S Accessories, Openshaw and Ducati Manchester are giving them to us which we really appreciate,” said Sam.

“I recently donated my first 20 helmets to the fire service and they were extremely grateful. We hope that if the appeal gains momentum, we will be able to donate to the police and ambulance services too.

“It would be great to see more businesses around the UK join our appeal and collect helmets to donate to their local emergency services, so they can provide hands-on training, which will help save lives.”

Sam is welcoming motorcycle helmet donations at his branch until at least the end of the year at Roma House, 14 King Street, Dukinfield, Manchester SK16 4JQ.

Raymond Massey & Sons Funeral Directors have been serving the Dukinfield and Tameside communities as well as surrounding areas of Greater Manchester since 1987. To find out more about their work in the community visit

Photo:  Sam Massey collects motorcycle helmets for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue.


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