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New way to have crucial 'death' conversations

A new website is encouraging people to create a plan for their funeral and share it with friends and family.

The site – huunuu (say it out loud) – lets users build a ‘virtual funeral bucket list’ by uploading and adding ideas and pictures. It’s completely free to users.

“We have a strong belief that talking about dying makes our lives better,” says Freya Lincoln of huunuu. 

“The site is a way to start those crucial conversations, explore inspirational ideas and concepts and create plans to share.”

The brainchild of entrepreneur Clare Turner, whose background spans hospitality, the finance sector and local government, huunuu was born from Clare’s experience of funerals. 

This left her with an impression that a lack of communication and choice can lead to family disagreements. Losing her stepfather in 2010 and being involved in the process of organising the funeral made her realise that there could be better ways.

She decided try and break down the taboo of talking about death and replace it with the crucial conversations about how we live life and commemorate each other.

She took the first tentative steps in December 2015 and launched the new sire earlier this year, with support from husband Steve, a double Olympian rower and entrepreneur, with a passion for technology. 

The site helps users create a master plan of their final wishes and add in the so-called ‘genies’ – loved ones who will make those plans a reality.

Users invite their genies via email and the genies sign up to the site and can contribute and make suggestions. The idea is that they will be encouraged to create their own plan too.

The site uses visual images from various suppliers and sources to prompt inspiration and exploration. It offers funeral suppliers the opportunity to sign up too. Listing the first two products or services is free. 

Visit for more information.

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