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New home for Unsaid messages

Some of the most heartfelt ‘goodbye’ messages are now available to view online – and site visitors can also leave their own message for someone special.

The Unsaid site ( holds a collection of messages submitted as part of the Life. Death. Whatever. exhibition held at the National Trust's Sutton House in East London last autumn.

Visitors to the exhibition – which encouraged people to talk about and view death in a new way – were asked to write down what they wished they’d said to to someone they’d lost or what they really wanted to say to someone who was still around.

The responses ranged from the heart-wrenchingly honest to the hilarious but all were poignant in their own way.

“The death of someone we love or the end of a relationship can put us in a position where our words remain forever unspoken,” explained Louise Winter, co-curater of the exhibition.

“Or it can be that we're simply unable to say what we need to say the most to someone who is still around. “We’re encouraging anyone you to send in whatever they've left unsaid in any form via the submissions page of the website, whether that's a postcard, post-it, plain paper or a beer mat.”

Examples range from: “You said you loved me. You lied.”; “I’m constantly scared that I’m not living, only breathing” and “I would have loved your guidance in travelling the world.”

The collection of messages submitted at the exhibition numbered more than a thousand and it was last seen laid out along Sutton House’s staircase but the new website allows visitors to write and submit their own.

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