Supporting suddenly bereaved children and young people

22 November 2018


South Wales

Sudden - Supporting people after sudden death

01484 559909

This event has facilities for disabled people Wheelchair accessible

All seminars 9.30am - 3.00pm

Led by a variety of academics and expert practitioners, these essential seminars provide a practical overview of best practice in supporting suddenly bereaved children and young people.

Offering an excellent professional development opportunity to all school teachers and support staff, healthcare workers and counsellors, these events provide expert guidance on how to help children cope and recover from the shocking impact of a sudden bereavement, and offer a great chance for professionals to develop their skills and knowledge.

Practitioners and academics specialising in sudden bereavement will discuss:

Symptoms and emotions that children and young people who have been suddenly bereaved may experience
Insights into methods that practitioners can use to best support suddenly bereaved children
A discussion of the ways in which children and young people comprehend and understand grief
Sign-posting to a range of services, resources and organisations that are available for practitioners working with bereaved children and young people

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