Ashes to water

Water can be a peaceful final place to lay the cremated ashes of a loved one, evoking a sense of freedom and release, and offering a sense of comfort for those left behind. Small wonder it features on many people’s funeral wish list….

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Death considered most difficult topic

Conversations about death are considered among the hardest to have and the most avoided, according to research by Co-op Funeralcare.

Telling someone a loved one has died, telling a loved one about a life-limiting illness or offering consolation after someone has died are the conversations people fear most...

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More choice could pay off

A survey commissioned by Colourful Coffins suggests that funeral directors may not be giving older people as much choice as the younger generation when it comes to choosing a coffin for a loved one.
The company said its YouGov Omnibus survey of more than 2,100 18 to 70-year-olds showed a quarter of those over 70 would opt for cardboard if choosing a personalised picture coffin for a loved one, and just 8% of people aged 18 to 24 would do the same.

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Funeral singing tailored

An innovative agency is offering a bespoke funeral singing service to help create a personalised celebration of life.

Founded by Briony Rawle and Penelope Shipley, both professional singers, The London Funeral Singers agency comprises around 50 vocalists, covering all musical genres and styles, and all have had to audition...

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Family business recognised

Independent family business Button & Family Funeral Services has won a Big Heart award for the Southeast in the National Family Business Awards.

The gongs recognise the level of service provided by family-run businesses that really care about their customers.

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